Brent has been cast as co-star “Dave Blessing” in the slated TV Drama/Comedy “Divine Will”. Shooting will begin in November and the show will air on February pf 2013. We’re so excited to see Brent exercise his acting chops and participate in such a unique faith-based show. More details to come!

“After a huge career as a 90’s rock star, Dave Blessing has lately found himself searching for a safer environment for his troubled nephew, Will. So Dave takes a job as the music minister at the Rabbit Hatch Christian Church in Rabbit Hatch, Kentucky. This is their chance to start over, and an opportunity to move Will away from the temptations of the big city. Problem: Will does not want to live in a rural town, especially Rabbit Hatch, and he has made that very clear to his uncle.

Rabbit Hatch is a small, eccentric town in the middle of Kentucky whose citizens elect a dog as mayor every four years. The town’s biggest event is the annual Wool Fest, a celebration of their sheep and the election of the ‘Collard Queen.’ As the family arrives they spy a chalk mural on the brick wall of an old building. The message reads, “Peace.” The unusual locals quickly establish themselves as “characters” in the best sense of the word.

Here’s the catch…

Will Blessing is not only a gifted musician in his own right, but Will also has a special spiritual gift. He does not know how or why, but with just a simple touch Will can relieve the burdens of a person’s soul and free their spirit. He is Divine Will. His Faith has led him to this place and he has put his trust in God to help him make sense of why he is here and what he is supposed to do.”


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